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Wood Winery Policies:

Policies - Updated July 2022

1. Reservations are recommended for Saturdays, indoor seating and large groups due to our limited first-come first-serve seating. 

2. All wine will be served in plastic cups, you are welcomed to bring your own glass or purchase one.  Please dispose of your trash when you are done.

3. Tasting Flights: Tasting Flights are $10 per person and include 5 wine samples, or $15 to include a wine glass. Please arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to closing for tasting.

4. Groups: No groups of more than 6 people without prior arrangements.  A $2 fee per person for groups more then 6 will be applied.

5. Children: This is a 21+ atmosphere. Please do not bring your children, they are no longer allowed.

6. Pets: Due to recent events we no longer allow pets, sorry for any inconvenience.  Exceptions are Blair, Peter P and occasional visit from a neighbors dog for a treat.   

7. Donations: As a small family business we love supporting our local community, however we do not have the resources to honor all requests. Email or drop your letter for donation 30 days prior to pick up. We will inform you if we can honor your request, and gift certificate will be given.

8. Smoking: Is permitted outside,  please use ashtrays provided and do not litter on our property.

9. ABSOLUTLEY NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL or your party will be asked to leave.

10.  Finally, so everyone is aware our property is monitored by cameras.

Please remember that after we close Wood Winery reverts back to our yard and home!
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