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Dry to Semi-Dry Red
Shed Red:
Lemberger grape, similar in style to a Pinot Noir, medium body with fig and dark plum flavors leaving an earthy finish.
Cabernet Franc:
Medium body, Pennsylvania grapes fermented on the skins and then aged with French Oak, flavors of blackberry, red current, and light pepper on the finish.
Vino 45:
100%  Pennsylvania Chambourcin grapes, fermented on the skins, a medium-body red wine aged with French oak leaving flavors of vanilla, spice and tart cherry with soft tannins.
Fruit forward, no oak and just a touch of sweetness make this an off dry red.
A blend of Chambourcin and Chancellor, no oak and a hint of sweetness allows the dark fruit/berry flavors that linger on the finish.
Dry to Semi-Dry White
Reserve Chardonnay:
Just the right blend of oaked and unoaked, fruit on the nose and oak creaminess center palate with a smooth finish
Vidal Blanc:
Luscious apple and juicy pear flavors with a clean, crisp finish from this French hybrid. Best paired with fish, chicken, white sauce dishes and salads
Oaked Chardonnay:
Oaked fruit forward style chardonnay
Leap of Faith:
Seyval grape is an offspring of Pinot Gris, with green apple and crisp citrus. It's acidity is best paired with creamy sauces, cheeses and foods that have a rich or butter sauce.
With just .5 residual sugar the tropical notes hit all your taste buds.
Unoaked fruit forward style Chardonnay.
This hardy hybrid is just one of many that were developed from the breeding program of Elmer Swenson, cultivated for colder climates this wine has floral on the nose and honeyed peach, pear, and pineapple in the glass.
This off dry wine is a delicious blend of Seyval and Chardonnay creates a wine with minerality, citrus and melon.
Off-Dry Riesling:
Flavors that linger on the finish of apricot, peach, pear and apple with a touch of sweetness. 
An off-dry combination of lychee fruit and spice that linger on the palate while light floral reminiscent of rose petals linger on the nose.
New Traminette:
Completely dry crisp Traminette, 2019 vintage with notes of lemon and citrus with a lingering acidity. Pair this wine with fish, shrimp or chicken dishes.
Barnyard Blush:
A true off-dry rose, pressed early from the red Steuben grape, leaving a pale pink color, slight sweetness and delicate flavors of strawberry, peach and grapefruit.
New Barnyard Blush:
This new dry rose has strawberry, raspberry notes with a subtle acidity. Pairs excellent with linguine with clams and garlic, hummus and light sauce and salad dishes.
Semi-Sweet to Sweet
Red & White
One More:
A Vignoles with not too much sweetness letting the apricot, pineapple and apples flavors through.
Wagon Wheel White:
This Vidal/Cayuga combination is bursting with tropical and grapefruit flavors ending in a honey finish.
Cayuga White:
Fruit Cocktail in a glass (for adults only) has hints of lime, orange and grapefruit with a lofting aroma very distinctive to this Cornell hybrid, this white wine pairs excellent with dark chocolate.
Crafted from the Diamond grape, its candied pineapple and stoned fruit character shines through.
Madison White:
Fruity white grape flavors bursting from the Niagara Native variety.
Blossom Blush:
A perfect blend of Vidal, Seyval, Vignole, Aurore and Chambourcin all contribute to the complexity of this sweet fruity blush.
Red Meadow:
A trio of Catawba, Chancellor and Baco Noir,  flavors of dark bring cherry with a rustic smokiness.
Sweet Bailey:
Crafted from the Concord grape, aromas of grape jelly , a sweet and refreshing wine great served on the rocks or as a spritzer.
Fruit & Seasonal Wines
Reserve Chambourcin:
Dessert wine which is a fruity rich tasting ruby port style aged 12 months with oak, 18.5% alcohol and served in a 375ml bottle.
Adam’s Apple:
Pure off-dry apple wine with fresh fruit aroma and lingering apple flavors.
Ashley’s Spiced Apple:
Slightly sweet apple wine with added natural spices – cinnamon, orange peel, cloves and allspice, served chill or warmed up.
An all fruit wine made from local blueberries, complex flavors from a blend of different varieties.
Picked fresh from Pallman’s Strawberry Farm,  100%  fermented strawberry juice, excellent paired with a white cake for dessert or blends 50/50 with dry champagne or pink lemonade.
All fruit wine made from local raspberries, served in a dessert style 375ml bottle.
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